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Why choose a Wispr drone over others

Posted by Conor Ferguson on Oct 13, 2021 8:30:00 AM
Conor Ferguson

You’ve decided it’s time to buy a new drone. You have an idea of your budget and the features you need in your drone. You’re here on our site, which means you’re considering a Wispr drone (!). There’s a lot of information here on our website, and we know it can be difficult to distill everything down when making a decision. That’s why in this blog, we want to highly why you should choose a Wispr drone over others. 

We’re extremely proud of Wispr drones

Although there are plenty of reasons to choose a Wispr drone over the competition, here are our top 3 reasons you should choose a Wispr drone over the competition: 

1. Wispr drones are proudly built in the USA with USA-made components 

We are extremely proud to share that Wispr drones are designed and built here in the USA, with USA-made components. Even our support team is entirely U.S. based to provide you with the best possible service. We’re proud of this on several levels: 

  • It puts more Americans to work in adequate, meaningful jobs here at Wispr
  • It allows us to ensure the highest-quality drones (we use top quality parts to build our drones)
  • The competition is most-often selling drones made in China -- and we know that many companies today require USA-made drones, so we are helping our customers be able to perform jobs they would usually be turned down for

Designing and building our drones here in the U.S. is good for Wispr and our community, but it’s especially good for our customers. We consider that a win/win!

2. Wispr drones offer an unparalleled balance of quality with budget-friendly pricing

More often than not, shopping for drones with anything other than a luxurious budget means sacrifice. Perhaps it means sacrificing features -- features that can help you get more work and produce higher-quality work. 

Oftentimes, it means sacrificing quality. That means that your drone is more prone to damage, requiring repairs and lasting for a significantly shorter lifespan than Wispr drones. Lower quality affects the quality of your work and your ability to actually do work. Shorter lifespans also end up costing you more for what was supposed to be a budget drone! 

At Wispr, we built our drones using only high-quality components, and they are built with care here in the U.S. They’re built to last, and our service programs help keep your drone running at peak performance as long as possible by extending the life of your drone. Drone maintenance is a huge deal for drone longevity and our service plans make sure this happens!

Most importantly, we deliver our Wispr drones at exceptional quality levels without the high price tag. Our drones are competitive with what many consider budget drones, but without the poor quality parts, workmanship, and support that come with budget drones that are often times built halfway around the world.

3. Wispr drones are built to handle whatever you need to throw at them

From critical infrastructure inspection to first responders/emergencies, wireless ISP and more. Wispr drones are thrown into -- and DELIVER in -- the most demanding environments. It can be difficult to really know whether drones can hold up in challenging environments but we guarantee our drones will!

Drones are a major purchase, and you shouldn’t have to worry about whether your drone will be able to perform when you need it most. When you buy a Wispr drone, you can rest easy and focus on the task ahead, taking that worry out of an already stressful task.

Plus, with our superior, U.S.-based support and peace-of-mind service plans, you won’t have to worry when your drone is surveying a forest fire or out on a search-and-rescue mission in frigid temperatures or other high demanding performance environments. Your Wispr drone is ready for the job. 

Our team can help you choose the right Wispr drone. 

Our drones offer a range of capabilities and functions to meet your precise needs. Contact us today to speak with one of our product experts. We’ll help you identify the right Wispr drone for your needs and not give you the run around just to sell you a drone as most other companies do. We are all consumers at the end of the day and we too know how it feels to get a product that you are not happy with, get bad customer service or be treated as if you do not matter as a customer to a company. We make sure none of those happen here at Wispr!

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